Different business sectors are becoming more aware of the health and safety practices at the workplace that protect employees. Tobacco cessation is ideally considered to be one of the most cost-effective measures to increase the overall well-being and productivity at the workplace. However, implementing tobacco cessation consumes a lot of times and it may not be practical both as a short- or medium- policy.

For this reason, more and more business sectors are providing smoking areas for their employees in order to protect all individuals from exposure to passive smoke anytime. Among those, smoke cabins are the popular solutions. Effective smoke cabins can capture the smoke before it spreads. They can also filter most of the harmful gases and purify tobacco smoke into clean air. Modular smoke cabins are of particular importance as they can save spaces for the business sectors and follow the changing patterns of the users.

The extended benefit of establishing smoking areas is to attract customers who otherwise would not be interested to visit. Airports, casinos, shopping malls, and restaurants are all typical business sectors that can benefit from having a smoking area.

Compared to the idea of tobacco cessation, the smoking area policy is more result-oriented. It considers the needs of all parties (both smoking and non-smoking employees and customers), and guarantees that the indoor air is constantly kept in a clean and safe level.

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