Employers concerned about their employees may be able to improve their health and help them be more productive by creating tobacco-free workplaces. However, while a smoke-free working area is may help improve the overall well-being of the employees, making the workplace completely tobacco-free can also bring some negative impacts.

Obviously, a smoke-free policy in the workplace requires smokers to modify habits that will cause inconvenience to the smoking employees. Also, if the policy is not properly managed, smokers may be disproportionately absent from work stations that will hamper the general productivity. Additional costs may incur if outside shelters are constructed.

For this reason, many employers prefer to have a compromised smoking policy in the workplace, which is to install indoor separately ventilated area. This solution allows smoking and non-smoking employees to socialize and work together without spreading the passive smoke. Thus, no one will be exposed to any health risks and this helps creates a better social environment in the workplace. In addition, the running times will be shorter with a smoke cabin nearby. The corporate image can also be enhanced since there are no dirty entrances or clusters of smokers outside the workplace.

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