The attitude to smoking is always divided. The pro-smoking group insists the relaxation feeling that only cigarettes can bring, while those who it highlight the harmful effects to the body.However, the decision as to whether to smoke or not should be for each individual to make. Banning it as a whole may first be highly impractical, and second, it can bring negative effects to societies (e.g., black markets).

The most direct solution to this issue is to provide smoking area that can handle the needs of smokers while preventing passive smoke. A smoking area with an effective purification system can capture and stop the spread of the cigarette smoke, meanwhile filter all hazardous gases and particles to release pure air for the environment.

Thus,“should smoking be banned” should not be an issue anymore. Instead, we should shift our focus and effort to build up effective smoking areas to satisfy both the needs for smokers and non-smokers, while preventing the spread of passive smoke.

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